Music & performing arts small group tours for mature travellers.

In small groups of 6 to 12 like minded people with specialist program leaders and expert guides, opera lovers can enjoy a diverse range of music and performing arts programs typically across Europe from Germany to Austria, France, England, and more! Odyssey seeks out programs for small group music tours that reflects historic performances of significance or the new up and coming performers for the future for your listening pleasure. Each trip has an itinerary for classical music lovers led by a knowledgeable tour leader and a good local tour guide that seeks to provide a concert program often built around a festival in Europe for the couple or solo traveller to enjoy. 

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Habsburg Art and Classical Music small group Tour

From the mediaeval jewel of Cesky Krumlow to the grandeur of the Habsburg’s summer palace in Vienna, our small group will embark on a 21 night journey to learn about these vibrant and artistically rich cities. We delve into the history of the famous artists, musicians, writers, architects and composers from Austria, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Departing Aug

Discovering the Life of Beethoven | Small Group Tour

Travellers on this small group tour will have the chance to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of Beethoven’s life and music. Beginning in the city of Bonn, where Beethoven was born, we visit the city precincts and buildings where Beethoven’s unique artistic sensibility was formed. In Vienna, we explore many of the concert halls and churches where his work was performed. In each city visited we attend performances of his work.

9 days
Departing Sep, Aug

George Enescu Festival small group tour of Romania

Discover the work and world of this neglected twentieth century musical giant on Odyssey’s small escorted group tour. Explore Enescu’s native Romania before settling down to a feast of his music performed by a host of international stars in Bucharest and immerse yourself in his work with like minded people. Odyssey hopes to provide the group with the opportunity to attend some 30 concerts over 16 days. The next festival is September 2023.

21 days
Departing Sep

Opera Tour Europe | Theatre-Opera-Ballet and Classical Music Small Group Tour for Seniors

This 22-day small group program visits the major arts centres of Hamburg, Amsterdam, Paris, and London. We travel in winter avoiding crowds and enjoy a different perspective of the places visited. At Odyssey Traveller we have sought to assemble entry and show tickets to what many will consider the best arts experiences available in those cities during each program.

22 days
Departing Dec
Shakespeare Drama small group tour Stratford England
On Sale

World of Shakespeare | Small Group Tour

This small group tour for mature couples and solo travellers visits Shakespeare’s birthplace, Stratford upon Avon and Anne Hathaway’s cottage all form part of this small group tour escorted by a tour director and local guides sharing their knowledge on this guided tour. Included are performances in London at the Globe & RSC in Shakespeare’s Stratford upon Avon.



10 days
Departing May, Apr

Bach Classical European Music Festival small group tours

Enjoy the best of Bach travelling with mature couples or solo travellers in a small group tour. We take time to appreciate not just the music but also to explore Bach’s history and influences in Germany. The program spends 16 days visiting the locations that where influences on his life as well as attending the Bach Music festival in Leipzig.

16 days
Departing Jun, May

Italy Puccini Festival small group Tour

The Puccini festival is an escorted tour complete with local guides as part of our small group travel program, we will also visit Rome, Siena, Florence, Lucca, Viareggio, Genoa, Milan, Verona, and Venice. Join like minded people on this European tour in Italy. For solo travellers there is a nominal single supplement charged.

20 days
Departing Jul

Richard Wagner Ring Cycle, Leipzig | Small Group Tours Germany

The small group tour will see the opera performed in the city of Richard Wagner’s birth, Leipzig. Our tour starts in Dresden and we also visit Bayrouth and Munich. We will not only experience his music in these 4 operas, but also be shown the influences of culture and family on the extraordinary composer’s life.

12 days
Departing Jul

European Ballet escorted small groups tour for senior travellers

For couples and solo travellers who enjoy the ballet and the arts this 16 day program from Amsterdam to Hamburg  and finishing in Paris is a dance delight. Programs and actual performances will vary, but the structure and fabric of the experiences to be enjoyed within a small group remains the cornerstone of your experience on this program.

18 days
Departing Sep, Jun, Mar, Oct

Contemporary Germany & Oberammergau Passion Play 2030

Enjoy the authentic experience of the  Oberammergau passion play on this  small group escorted tour. One of the best small group tour companies Europe, the destinations and itineraries provide small group journeys  for like minded people. For solo travelers a minimal single supplement applies.

23 days
Departing Aug

It is an itinerary that combines an educational base sightseeing city tour of spectacular scenery and history with a music tour. These small group tours in Europe will seek to go beyond the music to look at the influences on the artist or composer and how they interact with the unique musical history of cities diverse as London, Paris, Vienna, Prague, Munich, Dresden, Leipzig, and Bucharest amongst much more.

Often the history of the venue or opera house is shared with you and your companions to add to the unique experiences when you book on a 2021 small group classical music tours to Europe. The small group classical music tours offered each year to Europe are diverse. The itinerary of a tour package may range from a walking tour through the old town of a musical capital such as Vienna or Budapest, to musical performances of Europe‘s greatest composers. On our small group tours Germany opera houses remain a particular attraction where you can experience some of the best performances in the world in a range of cities outside of the capital Berlin, such as Wagner’s Ring Cycle at the the opera house theatre designed by Wagner in Bayreuth, Bavaria. Unique experiences are an important part of the cultural tours offered, ranging from Choral music, to a string quartet ensemble or piano recital, to jazz or a trip to Mozart’s birthplace with a great local tour guide. New music such as Phillip Glass may feature but music performances of Schubert, Bach, Satie or Mozart will also feature typically, because in small group tours Germany opera, as well as the composers of Austria and France, remain particularly popular.

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