Archaeology tours for mature aged travellers

For the curious, a collection of small group tours that spend time exploring the ancient history of the place or places for a particular period of human settlement. Small groups of typically 6 to 10 like-minded people, couples and solo travelers who enjoy Archeology travel with knowledgeable program leaders and expert guides on a guided tour for mature and senior travellers.

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Ecuador and Peru Archaeology tour

This 22-day small group tour highlights the most prominent ancient ruins and archaeological finds across Ecuador and Peru and showcases the vast culture and impact of pre- and post-Inca civilization.

22 days
Departing Mar, Apr
Prehistoric Britain small group history tour

Prehistoric Britain small group history tour including standing stones

This guided tour invites you to explore UNESCO World heritage sites at Skara Brae in the Orkneys, Isle of Skye, and Stonehenge in a prehistoric tour. This escorted tour has trips to key sites in Scotland, and the Irish sea in Wales such as Gower Peninsula and National Museum in Cardiff and England. Each day tour is supported by local guides.


21 days
Departing Aug

Seven Ages of Britain, snapshots of Britain through the ages.

This guided small group tour starts in Scotland and finishes in England. On Orkney we have a day tour to the UNESCO World heritage site, Skara Brae, before travelling to city of York. Your tour leader continues to share the history from the Neolithic to the Victorian era. The tour concludes in the capital city, London.

22 days
Departing Apr, Aug

Crete Small Group Tour: The Minoans

Crete rich in UNESCO World heritage sites this small group escorted tour provides a travel experience for guests with experienced local guides to remember. For senior couples or single travellers who seek to travel with other like minded people to destinations rich in ancient history then this in one of many small group journeys to be enjoyed.

20 days
Departing Sep, Apr

Archaeology travel

Tourism today takes many different forms. Odyssey Traveller has an archaeological tour program for the armchair archaeologists who seek to travel to key historical sites beyond Pompeii and Herculaneum and not just to a UNESCO World heritage site. Often away from tourists on a guided tour itinerary with a great tour guide designed to take you to the key archaeological site on your chosen archaeology tour for a small group of mature and senior travellers. The historic site today may not only be in Egypt, or the key Europe archaeological tour of Greece or Rome, but in outback Australia where ancient civilizations also settled. Archeologist in Australia are dating the indigenous community back to 120,000 years. Archeology travel for seniors on a small group package tour with us enjoy exploring the ancient city of Peresopolis, Iran (Persia) or Jordan’s Petra, the historic temple in the ancient civilizations of Albania or Crete, or South East Asia in Bagan.

Articles about Archaeology

Archaeological mysteries of Australia: How did a 12th century African coin reach Arnhem Land?

Consider the impact of Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese followed by the Dutch trading in the Spice islands to the North of Australia from the 11th century. The probability of African coins reaching a beach become real. Learn more on a small group package tour to Kakadu and Arnhem land or the Kimberley where shipwrecks have been found to consider the impact on Aboriginal history and rock art. Tours for seniors couples and singles. 

Chambered Tomb

Lumps and Bumps: How to Read the British Landscape

The British landscape has been worked and re-worked. It is secrets of this palimpsest landscape is revealed through drainage patterns and prehistoric features all the way through to the modern day. These small group tours for mature and senior travellers examine the landscape from the Neolithic, to Roman, through the seven ages of Britain in walking tours and history tours of Britain.

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